Sunday, October 24, 2010

Young Chardonnay Fermentation, Cabernet and Old Vine Chardonnay Harvest

David and John in the Cave, trying to keep warm as they examine the Chardonnay fermenting in barrel (35mm film image)

John wishes that he'd made the whole crop into wine under our label, rather than selling most of it to Newton Winery (35mm film image)

Fermenting in barrel means that we have to watch for overflow from the vigorously-bubbling juice

Winemaker David scattering rose pedals, our not so secret ingredient, on the just-picked Cabernet

A novice picker happily celebrating her work

Hauling the Cabernet up from the Palladian vineyard to the crushing area

Autumn is also the time to pick and sun-dry our local red pepper crop

Our ancient truck hauling 18 empty half-ton bins. In the distance, the Napa Wine Train and the hills east of St. Helena

On the Silverado trail during a cool and cloudy Autumn afternoon. The rain threatens, but we were ready to get our work done just in time.

Detritus of the muddy vineyard tracks

Stephen's truck hauls a couple of half-ton bins in the upper part of our vineyard. Downhill beyond the vineyard can be seen the Pavilion House and Heron Lake.

At the end of the harvest day, October 22nd-- damp but the real rains came during the next two days.

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